• Higher, More Volatile Energy Costs for Customers
  • Fewer Fuel Choices
  • Unmet Renewable Energy Goals
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  • New Electric Transmission Capacity
  • More Electricity from Wind and Hydropower Sources
  • Increased Delivery of Renewable Energy
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  • Projected Energy Cost Savings
  • Decreased Dependency on Fossil Fuels
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
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The Alliance

New England’s energy landscape is changing. The energy infrastructure needs of the region are changing. Last winter’s high whole electricity prices demonstrated a clear need for access to cost‐effective supply.

The Green Line Infrastructure Alliance combines the abilities of an experienced energy provider with broad coverage in New England and an innovative, proven transmission project developer to address the regional changes by building High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission projects that can deliver wind and hydroelectricity at an affordable cost to consumers.