09.28.16: Beekmantown Signs Vermont Green Line License Agreement

Article originally appears in The Sun Community News

BEEKMANTOWN — The Vermont Green Line project is one step closer to becoming a reality.  Last week, town officials voted 4-0 (with one absent) to sign the license agreement allowing pipes to be placed underneath town roads.

The 6.7 miles of underground cable in Beekmantown will act as a mode of transportation for clean, carbon-free renewable energy under Lake Champlain through Vermont to New England states.

Mike Relyea of Amanus, a consulting group working with partners National Grid and Anbaric on the project, said two more hurdles need to be crossed before construction can start: New England Clean Energy RFP greenlighting the $650 million project and the New York and Vermont public service commission permitting the application.

Right now, over 20 bids, including Vermont Green Line, are being evaluated to see which contracts come out on top.

Results, Reylea said, are to be announced sometime this month.

“We’re pretty optimistic,” he said, referring to landing the contract.

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09.26.16: Boston Globe: Sustainable infrastructure after the Automobile Age

In an Opinion piece for the Boston Globe, Jeffrey D. Sachs, University Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, proposes long term planning to address the nation’s aging infrastructure.

“Each new wave of infrastructure underpinned a half-century of economic growth. Yet each wave of infrastructure also reached its inherent limits, in part by causing adverse side effects and in part by being overtaken by a new technological revolution. And so it will be with our generation. The Automobile Age has run its course; our job is to renew our infrastructure in line with new needs, especially climate safety, and new opportunities, especially ubiquitous online information and smart machines.”

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