National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE: NGG) is an electricity and gas company that connects consumers to energy sources through its networks. In Britain, National Grid runs the systems that deliver gas and electricity across the country. In the Northeast U.S., National Grid connects more than seven million gas and electric customers to vital energy sources.

National Grid has articulated a strategy called Connect21 to respond to rising customer expectations and opportunities for innovation in the U.S. It aims to transform our pre-digital 20th-century energy infrastructure to meet the needs of an increasingly robust and agile 21st-century digital economy with a range of data-driven, value-added services. Connect21 outlines the ways National Grid will make smart, significant investments in our networks to allow customers increased flexibility, speed, and nimbleness.

National Grid transmission experience

National Grid has extensive experience in developing, owning and operating complex transmission projects and networks in the U.S. and Europe. National Grid will manage the construction and operation of any Alliance project.

National Grid’s project portfolio includes:

NEEWS is a portfolio of four projects, primarily 345 kV overhead lines, being developed with Northeast Utilities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. These projects will collectively increase bi-directional power flows across New England and strengthen interconnections between the three states.

Construction of the U.S. portion of a 2,000 MW HVDC interconnector between New England and Canada that operates at 450 kV and is jointly owned by some 40 energy companies; National Grid operates the line and owns a majority share.

National Grid is a strategic investor in Texas-based Clean Line Energy. Clean Line is developing a series of transmission lines that will deliver thousands of megawatts of renewable power from the windiest areas of the United States to communities and cities with a strong demand for clean, reliable energy that lack access to clean energy resources. National Grid shares Clean Line’s vision of enabling a cleaner energy future by investing in transmission projects that facilitate the development of renewable energy resources.

BritNed, a 156-mile, bi-pole HVDC electricity interconnector with 1,000 MW capacities each way that connects the UK to the Netherlands. National Grid invested £250m to develop BritNed and owns 50 percent.

Angleterre, a 2,000 MW, 42-mile HVDC electricity interconnector between England and France that includes 27 miles of undersea cable and was commissioned in 1986 as part of a joint agreement between National Grid and France’s Transmission Service Operator, RTE.

The Western HVDC Link, a joint project between National Grid and Scottish Power Transmission to develop a proposed subsea HVDC cable on the western side of the UK. Once completed, the cable will connect Scotland with England and Wales, provide much needed additional capacity on Great Britain’s transmission system, and support the continued growth and expansion of renewable energy in the UK.

National Grid is exploring opportunities with the transmission service operators in Belgium and Norway to develop HVDC electricity interconnectors between those countries and Great Britain.