Statement Regarding New England Clean Energy RFP

The statement below is from the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance in reaction to the public posting today of a coordinated RFP for clean energy resources with Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The RFP process, found at is the launch of an effort by the three states to bring clean energy to the region’s grid.

“The Green Line Infrastructure Alliance welcomes this three-state effort as the first step of a collective approach in securing substantial amounts of reliable and affordable clean energy to the New England power grid.

“This RFP process sends a clear message that the states are looking for affordable, renewable energy to boost future economic growth. There are many different ways to bring this clean energy to people and businesses; we think there’s great value in a clean energy ‘two-fer’: combining hydropower with regional, land-based wind resources, all of which can be delivered by a new transmission line at a price lower than today’s costs,” said Ed Krapels, CEO of Anbaric Transmission, and Stan Blazewicz, Vice President of Business Development at National Grid, the leaders of the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance.