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Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.50.57 PMAn electric transmission project proposed by the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance to unlock and deliver clean, reliable and affordable power to New England by harnessing wind supply in New York, firmed up by Canadian hydropower.

Our Proposal

The Green Line Infrastructure Alliance proposes to build a 60-mile underground and underwater electric transmission cable to deliver 400 megawatts of clean energy to New England—enough to power 240,000 homes during peak demand. The preferred cable route will interconnect with the existing power grid at a new converter station in Beekmantown, New York, travel under Lake Champlain, and connect to another new converter station in New Haven, Vermont. All land cables will be underground.

Why do we need Vermont Green Line?

New England is at an energy crossroads. Electricity customers pay among the highest electricity prices in the continental U.S. and demand for affordable clean electricity is exceeding supply. All of the New England States are united in their desire to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. To keep up with present needs and future growth, that transition requires an electric grid capable of delivering large amounts of clean energy. With coal plants retiring and with legislatively mandated clean energy goals, there is an immediate need for cost-effective transmission projects.

Vermont Green Line Route

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BenefitsScreen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.08.36 PM


  • Lower electricity costs
  • Construction jobs & economic development in NY & VT
  • Long-term property tax and other revenues in NY & VT
  • Expands energy markets in NY


  • Proven advanced technology
  • Innovative combination of wind + hydropower
  • Aid in power restoration
  • New infrastructure to move power where it’s needed
  • Diversifies power supply


  • Environmentally sound construction & operation
  • Clean, green power sources
  • Reduces GhG emissions
  • Helps New England meet renewable energy goals


Vermont Green Line Snapshot

DEVELOPERS Anbaric & National Grid
PURPOSE Clean, renewable and reliable electric transmission for New England
COMPONENTS • ~6 miles of underground cable in NY
• ~40 miles of sea cable under Lake Champlain
• ~13 miles of underground cable in VT
• Converter stations at each end of the cable
LOCAL INVESTMENTS • Estimated $600 million
TIMELINE After permits are received, construction can start as early as 2017 with an estimated 2019/2020 in-service date.

Community Collaboration

Successful transmission projects are a function of open, collaborative and regular communication with host communities, local elected officials, town management, residents, landowners, businesses and community groups. We commit to working with all stakeholders, making our team available to listen to feedback and provide updates on project progress. Please check back here for local event listings where you can learn more about the Vermont Green Line and talk to our team face to face.

Permitting & Approvals

A project of this type undergoes extensive federal, state and local permitting processes. The following is a high-level glance at the approvals the project will need in order to be built:

FEDERAL U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
STATE (VT & NY) Public Service Commissions
Depts. of Transportation
Historic Preservation Offices
Depts. of Environmental Conservation
LOCAL (VT & NY) Town Road Approval

Learn more about the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance

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More detailed information about the Vermont Green Line coming soon to vermontgreenline.com