The Green Line Infrastructure Alliance is working to identify transmission projects to address the New England region’s energy needs.

Maine Green Line

MaineGreenLineA hybrid land-and-sea HVDC project that will initially deliver up to 1200 megawatts (MW) of wind from northern Maine, firmed up by imports of hydropower from eastern Canada, via a submarine cable to Massachusetts.  Maine-based constructor Cianbro Development Corporation also will be part of this project. Connecticut-based PowerBridge has been part of the Maine Green Line Development team.

Vermont Green Line

MapVermont Green Line from northern New York to Vermont will deliver 400 MW of wind and hydropower under Lake Champlain. The 60-mile connection will be entirely buried underground or underwater. The Vermont Green Line will be a path for cost-effective renewables from New York and Canada to Vermont and the rest of New England. The project will diversify the region’s fuel mix by providing access to affordable land-based wind energy and hydropower. Vermont Green Line positions the Green Mountain State to receive secure, affordable, clean energy and to move substantially down the path to a carbon-free future.

Community Outreach

The Alliance understands that community outreach and engagement is important in developing projects.  As development of these projects advances, significant time and effort will be spent with stakeholders to determine the best routes that minimize community and environmental impacts.

A goal of the Alliance’s projects is to provide significant benefits to the region’s energy consumers by:

  • Providing consumers with access to large-scale, cost-effective sources of renewable and zero-emission energy
  • Diversifying the region’s energy portfolio, thereby easing the constraints on the natural gas pipeline system and providing access to affordable clean energy
  • Enabling the New England states to meet all current clean energy targets by 2020 at affordable prices
  • Enhancing the reliability and resilience of the region’s power grid